The leader in providing

The leader in providing. On the day of the event and during the event. We answer them. Especially if you launch an offline broadcast. On Instagram or Twitter at the event venue , or motivate people to check in on Foursquare and Swarm. An offline broadcast is a separate event within an event , which helps attract new audiences at the expense of those already present , and also helps in organizing interactive events. We do this with the help of social mia. networks. This is a separate topic for a new article , so later I will tell you what it is. If you are interest now.

BIM and THALE's foreign expansion

Call Step Post releases and future plans. The day after the event photo editing servies we write news with gratitude to the participants. During the week after the event we are engage in post releases. For you, post releases are photos video report. Publications in the mica participant reviews Post photos from the event in parts in stages. Between stages, you can publish a poster for the next event. If there is one. Ask people to tag themselves in the photos. The photos must have a watermark. Take a responsible approach to the conversation with the photographer and videographer in advance.

A response to growing demands

Understand what nest to be film all. The guests absolutely CY Lists everyone , especially. If the event format is inactive a master class , business lunch or seminar. The organizers , the main banners with the logos of partners and organizers , the atmosphere , general view , general photo , main persons of the event speaker , models or musicians . In one of the posts you can arrange a survey and get feedback. Ask what can be add to the next event. This way you can notify hot customers about new events for free and set people up for future purchases.

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