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Didnt watch a video. Step 13 Click Save and Apply All set! Now the report shows two groups of columns one for those who watch a video and one for those who did not. If you dont see much data choose a longer date range. Impact of video at the website level We can now see the impact of adding YouTube videos to your website. We can answer the question about the value of YouTube and content strategy with data Are visitors who watch videos more engag Visitors who watch videos have a 16% higher engagement rate Visitors who

Watch videos

Spend twice as much time on the website Clearly these YouTube videos are making a difference in website engagement. In our content program were doing 12minute business database videos that take around 4 hours to produce. So knowing the actual impact is important. Beyond website engagement these videos drive offsite visibility. These videos often rank in Google and on YouTube itself. Some viewers subscribe on YouTube and never visit the website. YouTube Studio is necessary for a complete look at the impact of these videos. Heres what YT Analytics looks like for our YouTube Channel screenshot of our YouTube analytics Impact of video at the

Page level

Of course the highlevel report is never as interesting or useful as the data one level deeper. Lets do some analysis of some recent posts. On this blog my last four articles have includ video versions of the content embd  CY Lists as YouTube videos high on the page. Our idea is to keep differentiating our content from lower quality or AIgenerat content. Lets look at the performance of those specific videoenhanc URLs. Ive remov the other rows by rightclicking on them to Exclude selection from this report. Ive also chang the cell type to heat map

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