List of the best alternatives to Udemy in 2022

What Pleo is for as cards for business expenses. The main function of Pleo is to help you keep a simple record of all your company’s expenses. Also providing you with your own corporate debit cards. With which your staff will pay their expenses. Saving time and headaches in the long term in the List of company’s CRM . Watch this video that explains very well what it is for. Pleo software features And after seeing its main function.

I leave you here other important functionalities of this platform: Expense analysis Expense control Receipt management Budget control Purchase order management Mobile receipt upload Real-time notifications Manage approval processes Fraud detection Expense tracking real-time monitoring corporate card Workflow management Accounting integration Invoice processing activity panel.

How to get Pleo cards List of

We are more than. And the data you provide us is located on its servers whose headquarters are located within the territory of the EU. You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection at this link. Employee expense cards are created once you register your company data company in the Pleo app. And do not require any physical element. Since we are not talking about the typical plastic cards. But rather virtual versions that remain within the app. And that They allow you to pay with your smartphone. Tablet or smartwatch , completely minimizing the risk of loss or theft.

On the other hand

The company also offers the possibility of sending physical cards if you wish. You just have to keep in mind that. While virtual cards are issued instantly. Physical cards take a few days to arrive. It will always be the administrators who decide who can have a Pleo expense card. Which means that CY Lists only the employees you want will have access and only when you allow it. Pleo Corporate Travel Cards pleo cards Pleo corporate travel cards also allow the accounting team to keep track of expenses incurred by staff who are on a business trip, recording all payments in the app regardless of where your employee is physically. 

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