Known to be among the best ad networks

That fact makes it one of the most popular Google AdSense alternatives, but it’s also just plain a quality ad network for publishers and bloggers in its own right. You can automatically serve up both text and display ads, including an option to dynamically let figure out the optimal sizes for your site. also has a programmatic platform that you can use if you prefer that approach. The minimum payout at is $100. It’s a solid starting point for most publishers that don’t have too much traffic yet. But as your traffic grows,  

Also like Ad Thrive, Mediavine wants to build a “creator first” approach.

But if your site is under 80,000 monthly page views, Monumetric will charge you a one-time $99 setup fee (this fee is waived if your site has above 80,000 page views). Visit Monumetric 3. AdThrive AdThrive AdThrive is an ad network that focuses primarily on bloggers and  special data publishers in lifestyle areas such as food, home, travel, parenting, DIY, etc. While you don’t have to be in those niches to join, those are the types of advertisers that will thrive with AdThrive. AdThrive offers all the popular display ad dimensions and even guarantees payouts — so even if AdThrive doesn’t get paid by an advertiser, they’ll still pay you. This is part of their “creator-first” mission. AdThrive is looking primarily for US-based traffic, so it might not be the best option if you have a lot of global visitors. 

The team behind Me diavine is also a popular publisher

definitely consider looking at other ad networks like the ones below. Visit 2. Monumetric Monumetric Monumetric is a publisher-friendly ad network that  CY Lists helps you monetize your site without harming your user experience. In a nutshell, you sign up with Monumetric and list the ad inventory that you have available. Then, Monumetric will help you fill out the inventory with the highest CPM offers available. If you don’t want to display ads from a certain company or industry, Monumetric will also make sure that content doesn’t show up on your site. To get started with Monumetric, you’ll only need 10,000 page views per month. 

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