What are Cookies what are they for

What are Cookies? Cookies (or computer cookies) are small files created by a website to be sent and stored in a browser . Once downloaded, these files collect information about the user’s behavior in that browser. So that said activity can be consulted by a Web server. Likewise. So that you better understand their meaning. I must also clarify what they are not: and that is that they are not any type of virus, nor programs to spy on the user, in fact. This could not be further from the truth. Imagine it this way. 

Temporary Cookies

So, you open a document on your email leads hard drive. so that a small amount of information about the activity of that connection is automatically collected. So that the browser can then forward it to you when you request it. In this way.  And by consulting those small data previously collected. In future connections you will be able to predict their behavior and better adapt to the specific needs of that user. Another important thing to clarify is that none of these text files are executable or can be executed.  They are not computer programs that can be installed in your browser.

Permanent Cookies

much less on your computer . Which is why CY Lists they are safer. And no.  They don’t save your personal information or your bank accounts and send it to other people either. Rather. They are designed to collect very specific data on the user’s behavior and activity when moving around the Internet from a single browser. Where are Cookies saved? You already know what Cookies are. But now you may be wondering: where are they stored? Simple. on your computer . These files are first generated by the pages you visit. Then they are sent to your browser and it stores them in its own installation folder.

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