What is Storytelling what does it consist

What is Storytelling and what is it for? The term “ Storytelling ”.  Which in Spanish would be translated as “ telling stories ”. Is a Marketing technique that consists of connecting people with the message. You want to convey through a story. The objective is for them to internalize the message thanks to a story aimed at stimulating their senses and emotions. Therefore, in a certain way. It can be said that it is more of an art than a technique. And it is widely used in advertising. due to its ability to influence the public. To connect with them and to have. A more attractive and stronger impression of your brand.

Brand stories

An impression that It is generally positive. There are few techniques or strategies that manage to reach the public’s feelings top people data like Storytelling does. The ability to make people feel strong emotions and. in turn. relate these to your brand or company simply cannot be underestimated. It’s not difficult to see the role that people’s emotions play when it comes to making a purchase. Many times we let ourselves be guided by our emotions. Even when it comes to choosing between one brand and another.

Fictional stories

A Bfairly clear example is what happens with PlayStation and Xbox. Or even with brands like Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola… Who hasn’t chosen one CY Lists of them based on feelings towards said brands. This election has been. Therefore, clearly marked by how they have made us feel. Maya Angelou said it well. ” we tend to remember more easily how they made us feel. Than what we heard or did .” For this reason. When we manage to connect with our customers on a more personal and emotional level. The more likely we are to strengthen these customers. Making them trust our brand more and more. And Storytelling.

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