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The russian electronic passport is a new form of identification document.


When will the legislative regulatory

Program fully transition?
Who needs to Croatia WhatsApp Number List obtain new documents
New passports functional


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Reception and replacement conditions
The introduction of the electronic passport system is likely to be out throughout the russian federation in the near future.

The new passport sample will be much sure CY Lists to smaller than the old passport. The plan is to make it plastic and digital chips.

It will contain information about

the citizen, his personal data, photos.

Important note: in addition to basic personal data (name, marital status, residence permit and other data in passports), tin, snils, driver’s license will also be in the new documents. However, this data will be on the chip.

Notably, there will be several photos. The main one is on the lid, the others are in the chip. The chip will store facial photos, fingerprint scans and iris photos. This is a way to identify a person in place of fingerprints. However, it is possible that there will be prints.

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