What changes does the new sample contain?

With an epassport, it is possible to access the national database as it will store codes and digital signatures.
The bill proposes to make e-passports valid for one year. Afterwards, replacement will be out in accordance with the procedure by law. There are also plans to replace passports in case surnames and other data are lost or .

What is an electronic passport for citizens of the russian federation?
Issuance of the epassport will be out by an immigration service, most likely the department of immigration and home affairs.

The age at which epasspor

A cards are remains unchanged. The obligation for a person to obtain a passport at the age of 10 is still relevant. There are many variations, including e-passports:

validity period. The new passport is valid for one year from the Cyprus WhatsApp Number List date of issue. After expiration, it will be replaced according to law.
Electronic passports for citizens of the russian federation will be from authorinstitutions. This is likely to be done by the department of internal affairs and immigration. Extradition must take place at the place of residence or stay.


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Plastic documents can be when changing surnames and other personal data. In addition, if the card is lost or , a new card can be .
In case of loss, there is a new recovery procedure. You need to contact the institution that the card to citizens.
Citizens will receive their identity documents in electronic form within days of submitting their documents.

What is an electronic passport for citizens of the russian federation?

In the picture caption (from the introduction of the project introducing e-passports), we see that they want to introduce new passports in .
Legislative supervision
At present, the regulations on electronic sure CY Lists to passports have not yet been by a certain legislative normative legal document. However, the bill already exists. The new act regulates the form of new passports for citizens of the russian federation, the information that should be in the documents, etc.

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