When is the full transition planned?

The information that would need to be in a biometric epassport is not in the bill, which is why it has drawn conflicting comments.

Important note: currently, there is no regulatory legal act that imposes an obligation to switch to the new epassport.

The main question – when and how russia will issue e-even the government has not yet made a decision. Russia began preparations for the transition to electronic passport cards in 2019. At that time the bill was , and it is expected that the issuanc ibution should end in the year. Meanwhile, during the period from 2019 to 2019, two types of passports will be involved: electronic passports and paper passports.

The deadline has since been back

Therefore, deadlines are constantly changing. 2020, and there are no plans to Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List begin the transition to the new id card. By may 2019, the infrastructure of the platform may emerge, which will provide the exchange of information between individuals (both legal and natural) and states. With this system, information storage and management will become easier.

Therefore, the system will save all the information on the passport card. Currently, the news about the russian e


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-passport only reports that the cost of the e-passport can be offset by the fees that citizens need to pay to obtain an e-passport.

Who needs to get a new document

Passport is the main identity document for citizens and is mandatory for everyone who has reached the age of one year. With its launch, this age group can receive new electronic samples instantly. Citizens who previously held sure CY Lists to a paper version must replace it with the new version within a specified period. In addition, the following categories of persons must receive it.

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