What is an electronic passport for citizens of the russian federation?

Figure: one of the samples of the electronic passport of citizens of the russian federation
Is on the public service website very quickly. The website asks for passport and snils information. After identity verification (sent to the ministry of the interior, tax authorities, etc. And ), the personal account can be . Confirmation of successful registration will be sent by email. Identification can take up to three weeks.

Important note:  if citizens apply for identification

It’s worth noting that you can’t get an epassport online, so you can only send an Denmark WhatsApp Number List application. According to the act, the following documents are required to apply for an electronic passport:

Statement (under development).
Birth certificate.


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Photos (sent via public service website, or taken on-site).

Marriage or divorce certificate.

Military id card for men.

All of these documents are necessary because the project plans to include this data in passports for electronic media.

According to the law, that is, in accordance with article 1 of the labor code of the russian federation, every working woman in russia is to maternity and parental leave.

Article content can the statute be for a maximum number of years by
The standard date of birth ? How to issue from age sure CY Lists to to age up to age up to years how to write the application what documents need to be how to get the vkk certificate within a certain period of time, according to her income, the corresponding payment will occur. And every woman has the right to maternity leave, subject to legislative acts, which are in more detail below.

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