If the file is damaged or worn out

If the file is lost, it is best to get a new one.
Notably, If there is an official gender change.
According to the law, passports must be at the age of 10 or 20.
If for some reason there is an error with the old paper passport.
The functions of the new passport.
All the functions of the old passport are . Notably, new features have also been Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List adde since passports are in electronic form. With the electronic version, citizens will be able to:

Pay for public tr nsportation

not all of which are with technology) if possible.
Pay for services and receive services at medical facilities.
A new place of residence can be online.


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Notably, You can obtain information about your driver’s license and pension at any time, as these are in the chip.
Proof of identity of the passport holder.

Register legal entities remotely

Vote in elections and referendums.
Notably, Pay utility bills and other types of payments.
It is possible to open a bank account online (but first learn how to open an account to maximize your income).
When developing an electronic document, special attention to be paid to its protection, as it contains many important information that can fully identify the .

Conditions of reception and replacement
Notably, How to get an e-passport? This is currently not possible as the system is not yet operational. According to the current system, ordinary passports are at the general directorate of the ministry of internal sure CY Lists to affairs (passport office) and can be for at the multipurpose centre. Notably, In response to a question about where it was , the authorities uncertainty. The issuance of e-passports is also to be out by the home affairs directorate-general of the ministry of home affairs or even the mfc. In order to use such a system and apply for a passport, you can also register on the public service portal.

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