How to apply for maternity leave

Standard maternity period
The concept of “Statute” today includes the entire period during which an employee is absent from work due to pregnancy and childbirth. However, from a legislative point of view, the period of decree suspension is as follows:

Pregnancy – women take maternity leave during the first week of pregnancy

For newborn care – until the child is of age;
For childcare – young mothers usually stay at home Ecuador WhatsApp Number List until the child is of age due to attendance at preschool institutions (kindergarten) by the particularity.
if the father takes care of the child? Statutory conditions for russian males


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How do fathers take care of their children and apply for maternity leave? Statutory conditions for men in russia
From a legislative point of view, namely, according to article no. Of law no. -fz of the year, the following periods of maternity leave are :

Days: antenatal days and postpartum days – if the woman a caesarean section;

antenatal days, postpartum days

The average income received by the employee during the period is calculated for the previous year before the pregnant woman took maternity leave (the amount of the employer’s official payment for the year sure CY Lists to by months). In addition, until the child reaches the age of one, the employee’s salary is % of the average earnings of the previous year’s work. Rest periods can be in the future, but the fee will not be paid (only children’s money – rubles per month).

A simple plan on how to receive payments will help you process your fertility payments. Only the time spent caring for the newborn—years—is in the mother’s work experience, and the rest of the time is unpaid and not in the total work experience.

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