How is maternity benefit calculated

Can the act be for a maximum of years?
In 2001, the maternity leave law no. -fz was , which stipulates that women can extend maternity leave until the baby’s full age. This refers to the fact that extensions to work periods are only with the employer’s permission and at the employer’s discretion. But that doesn’t mean company executives should ban employees from adding official waivers — they’re to stay home until three years after the baby is born. The rest of the time is individually as .

It should be the possibility of extending the maternity leave contract. In this context, the term “Contract” means a standard -term employment contract, the duration of which shall not exceed years according to article 1 of the labor code of the russian federation. All employees are to all benefits by the labor law of the russian federation, notwithstanding the duration of the contract. Therefore, according to article 1 of the labor code of the russian federation, employees have the right to apply for maternity leave and childcare under a -term contract.

From decree to decree – pa yment for work

In this case, the solution to the problem  can be into the following cases:

The employee takes maternity leave at the end of the Egypt WhatsApp Number List fixed-term contract period. In this case, her dismissal at the end of her maternity leave.


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Women start taking maternity leave long before the end of their fixed-term contracts. In this case, a pregnant employee is entitled to maternity leave and a maximum year of decree. If the terms of the contract expire, she will continue to be paid until the child is of age. After leaving the imperial decree, the woman withdrew immediately.

Expectant mothers take maternity

leave at the start of the contract. Employees can decree up to the sure CY Lists to child’s full age and provide material support for a maximum of years. Women go to work when the child is of age – dismissal is based on the duration of the fixed-term contract.

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