Who pays for maternity leave

The period of annual maternity leave remains . For , only the payment amount was modif.

How  it is issue

The procedure is always done on application, since employers who are on sick leave due to pregnancy and childbirth only offer the right to stay at home during the last weeks of pregnancy and the subsequent recovery period. In other words, women can only claim maternity leave (, or days) when sick leave is . The rest is only on application – it is the wish of a young mother who has a right, not an obligation.

Receive paid decrees only when their children reach their full age. It is after the application is immediately after the birth of the child. The date of birth is on the application form, which is by the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List sick leave . At the end of the period, they write a new application to extend the maternity leave from the year. The follow-up care of the baby will not be paid, which is also by law no. -fz.

– the emplo loyer or the state through the social insurance fund?


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As for the salary, as mentioned above, the amount is calculated according to the employee’s average salary during the maternity leave period. If the work experience is less than six months, they are paid the minimum wage set by the region each month. Further payments are % of average income.

Maximum years

According to law no. -fz, maternity leave is extended to years. Breaks are not automatically increased – if a woman doesn’t want to stay at home without material support, she can go to work. If she needs to stay home, here’s what you need to do:

Visit the corporate accounting department or contact your boss.
Submit a request to change the time. In the text, you can specify a specific date – when the baby turns old.
Submit registration documents to the accounting department.
Usually, the accountant or the employee himself signs the director’s acceptance application. This indicates that the application submitted has been approved and an order for the extension of maternity leave for the prescribed period sure CY Lists to was made on the basis of this.

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