What documents are required to obtain russian citizenship

All necessary certifications and questionnaires for young children and persons with disabilities are completed by relatives or guardians. However, it must be confirmed that the applicant is unable to complete the form by himself. And official confirmation of blood relationship or guardianship.

The general acquisition period is more than five years. Its registration does not issue quotas; any foreigner can apply after years of residence in the country.

Application for renunciation of citizenship of the russian federation in a general manner

In addition, when submitting the thesis, a check for the payment of fees – , rubles should be . They pay only when taking in orphans and minors without guardianship.

A person who wants to obtain citizenship must provide


Proof of change of personal data (if any);

A certificate confirming a positive score on a language proficiency test;
Medical type, confirming the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List absence of serious illness;
A receipt for payment of expenses.
Photos must be of high quality without editorial coordination. The person in the photo should have no smile on their face and look straight in the eye. Hats, sunglasses and scarves are also.

An application form is also in the package. Years are as follows:


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The special form by the ministry of internal affairs is to be out in the official language;
The handwriting is clear and understandable, preferably in capital letters;
Words cannot be , do not use abbreviations, and dashes are ;
All questions must be answered fully and accurately;
Ink, delete lines and drawings are also .

If you provide wrong or incorrect information, the application will be

Before you start filling out the form, you should study examples of how to fill it out, it is also worth remembering that application forms change from time to time and you should definitely take this into account. For childre be sure CY Lists to n, their parents fill out the form.

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