Information on the incapacity or death

You do not need to take a language proficiency test:

Citizens in the ussr;
Persons in countries where russian is the second official language;

Data on the lack of information on the location of the second parent;
Of the parent; court orders disenfranchising the second parent;
Data confirming that the applicant is a single mother.
Receipts for payment of fees are not and children are exempt from state fees.

How to quickly obtain russian citizenship: simplified entry process
At the legislative level, there is also an accelerated preferential procedure for obtaining citizenship. Thanks to this program, the time to issue passports can sometimes be and the cost of collecting certificates is lower than usual.

Before obtaining citizenship of the russian federation in a simplified manner, a person must provide the following data:

Mastery of national languag

Livelihood data;
Presence registration;
Renunciation of previous allegiances.
Depending on why the passport was issued, the time it takes to obtain a passport may vary. In each case, you will be required to provide additional information to confirm the conditions of the offer. With Albania WhatsApp Number List the simplified scheme, foreigners can skip the trp stage and get a visa immediately, after which they can apply for citizenship. Through various programs, you can become a citizen within six months to three and a half years.

, people can obtain citizenship in a way:

Natives of any republic of the ussr; participation


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In “Citizen resettlement”;
Status of “Refugee”;
Holders of birth certificates of the russian federation;

Residents of lnr and dn

A citizen whose father lives in the russian federation and holds a russian passport;
to a citizen of the russian federation and has there for more than three years; a
Highly specialist;
A citizen of that country who is  for work and has able-children;
Has one child – a citizen of the russian federation be sure CY Lists to whose the second parent is also a resident of the russian federation.

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