Who qualifies for the program

A veteran of the great patriotic war with a different nationality but residing on the territory of the region;
They opened their own business with a declared capital of more than ten thousand rubles.
In addition, the list of preferential categories is constantly being supplemented and changed. Artists, athletes, people who can make a significant contribution to the country’s economy can get a passport without passing a russian language test.

The following are submitted to the home


Completed application form;

Participants can  become:

Residents of cis countries;
Foreigners whose relatives have lived in the russian federation;


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Holders of soviet passports;

It is best to Algeria WhatsApp Number List have all certificates and documents ready in advance. Sequence of steps to obtain a passport:

Get registered and registered with the ministry of home affair

Notarized copy of passport;
Obtain information on income or data from bank accounts;
Attach proof of change of surname, first name or paternal name (if any);
Pass national language knowledge interview and obtain a certificate;
Also attach three passport sample photos and commission payment receipt.
After passing the language test, you can a be sure CY Lists to pply for a residence permit and receive citizenship documents immediately after registration. Under this program, you can get a passport within – months.

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