Premium awards not noted in td

The northern allowance is to attract workers to work in the north. This is the percentage increase in base salary. It depends on tenure, industry, age, and how long you have lived () in the north.

The entire northern territory is divided into districts, and the subsidy ratio varies from % to %. Employees will receive a % bonus within () months after the first northern td (employment contract) is . Duration of service does not take into account job interruptions or travel to other locations, but rather the sum of all hours worked at the cop.

Organizations of all forms of ownership registered in a given territory are subject to the northern surcharge. Therefore, the question “Whether it is possible not to pay the northern surcharge” is not worth it. The labor inspectorate as well as local authorities strictly monitor this issue.

The northern allowance is paid at the same time as the salary.

Compensation for harmful and dangerous working condition

Payments for fixed-term contracts (including seasonal contracts), part-time workers;
The area factor helps balance the Argentina WhatsApp Number List standard of living of residents in that area with the national average.


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Premium awards not  in td.
The northern pension increases by a factor only when residing in certain regions. After departure, payment stops.

About northern allowance and area factors

Interesting! Alaska residents receive annual, us dollars. This is their share of the state’s mining revenue.

What is the method to calculate wages considering the northern allowance and area coefficient
Consider how the northern subsidy and area coefficient are under different conditions:

A business in an area of ​​the be sure CY Lists to midlands has a td with an employee who is over 10 years old and has never in the midlands. His salary is ten thousand rubles.

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