What does a commercial consultancy do

The commercial consultant analyzes the entire sales process of your business in order to find gaps and make improvements. This is done from a systemic view of the company, with regard to business objectives, strategies, processes, skills and learning. Through a methodology, it is possible to develop specific education programs for the sales team. And for this to happen perfectly, the consultancy needs to enter into the client’s operation, being alongside the professionals in the area in the company to understand the existing problems. The commercial consultant is neutral and impartial, he will be focused on solving the deficits.


What is the role of the commercial consultant

Especially in big companies, where there are issues of egos, power games and vanity involved. After all, it is common for companies to get lost internally and end up not defining what their real problems are. Within these businesses, the commercial director could be responsible for carrying out the function that the consultancy does, but it Japan WhatsApp Number List would be very costly to displace him from the day-to-day operations. Not to mention that for him to dedicate himself completely, his other tasks would go unsupervised. Another great differential of the consultancy is that it has many involved and competent professionals, with diverse experiences.



What are the stages of the consulting process

The stages of a consulting process are: business analysis and diagnosis, action plan, implementation of new processes, training, post-consulting management. Thus, first a diagnosis is made to identify all the gaps in the CY Lists commercial operation and, consequently, to analyze what would be the necessary solutions. This should involve: strategy, structure, culture, processes, management, people, product mix,. HR policies and also the search for technological tools that can help activities in that area. Through education, she must be able to empower salespeople and leaders. Perhaps you believe that your commercial manager or the HR team can do this.

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