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May this content help you to better understand the importance of commercial consultancies and how they can help improve your business results.  If you want to understand. Even more about commercial consulting (or sales consulting), leave a comment for our team to clarify. If you want to know more and are interested in hiring a commercial consultancy, talk to one of our consultants. We can help you, considered the most complete sales consultancy for increasing productivity and sales training in Brazil. We have sales programs for each type of business, focused on concrete results in increasing sales productivity, including lectures, sales workshops and training in corporate education aimed at the sales area.

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Through the pillar of people, we check, for example, how sales professionals are recruited and selected. What are the salespeople’s skills, what is the appropriate remuneration model for the market, etc. In short everything that can directly influence salespeople’s productivity. As well as we analyze the processes and the management Jordan WhatsApp Number List model applied in the company and the technological tools that directly interfere. Activities of sales professionals. We carried out a complete survey of the 4 pillars and this makes a difference in the final results. As the intention is not only to help close holes, but to open the paths that were blocked.


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Consultancy cannot remain only in theory and  help our clients get the results they’ve achieved. We go from the top to the bottom of the pyramid to see how the entire business works. As not just a training CY Lists and corporate education consultancy, but a consultancy to increase productivity, we are committed to the client’s final result. We put our hand in the dough, because if we don’t do this, the results may not occur. In order to be able to enter each operation, carry out the correct diagnosis and show the appropriate solutions. The problems, we have developed over time our own methodology that helps us to raise all the necessary points and cross them in the analysis.

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