Meet the professional responsible for the company’s strategic accounts

Therefore, having a Key Account on the team can be a sign of savings and better results. It is the Key Account’s responsibility, it can act in two stages of the sales process : at the time of the sale itself or after. In this article. What he does, what skills and abilities are needed, and how to become a good Key Account. The Key Account is a professional focused on a certain segment and/or group of companies and usually works in enterprise -sized businesses. This position has a highly strategic function and is considered of high level. Therefore it is necessary to have a high understanding of a certain niche/client.

What are the characteristics of a Key Account Manager

It is important to explain the concept in Portuguese. The term means key account and is used to indicate those customers that are essential for the company. The Sales Key Account is the professional who focuses his efforts on specific customers. For these accounts, offering quality products and services is not enough — that’s why the Key Account offers differentiated treatment to add value to the customer’s experience . Therefore, this professional needs to study the Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List market and deeply know the customer he serves so that he can offer solutions in advance and become the main point of support for the customer in the company. The idea is that the Key Account is seen by the customer as a partner, and not necessarily as a person who is there just to sell a service.


What does a Sales Key Account Manager do

Therefore, in general, this professional is specialized in a certain niche market. There is the Key Account Manager for technology, education , real estate , etc. Due to the importance of his work, since he maintains direct contact. With important clients and is fundamental in attracting and building relationships. He must have specific CY Lists characteristics to be successful in the company. Analytical profile You must always be up to date.  On the market and the client’s business, and the best way to do this is through data analysis . Decisions made based on data are much more likely to be right. After all we are working on statistics. In this way, the professional needs to make assertive decision-making, since an error can cost millions of reals in losses to the client.

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