Know each tax that may be levied on your company’s commercial transactions

There’s no way every company is subject to the payment of sales tax. For each product sold, part of the value is destined to a series of municipal, state and federal taxes. And, for this to be properly controlled and investigated by the government, it is necessary to issue an invoice. And the weight of the tax burden on the invoice will depend on factors such as the type of merchandise sold and the taxation regime chosen by the company. So, we invite you to continue reading this content to understand the taxes that need to be paid. Included in the invoices so that your business model remains in compliance with the inspection bodies.

Sales tax what taxes does your company need to pay

Having knowledge about each sales tax is extremely important so that the company can carry out solid tax and financial planning and, thus, keep its tax obligations always up to date. That way, you avoid fines and other complications that can cause headaches for your business. With that in mind, see below which taxes your Finland WhatsApp Number List company is subject to pay. 1 – Corporate Income Tax – IRPJ The Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ) is one of the main taxes that Brazilian companies need to pay. It can be charged monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the company’s tax regime.


Those opting for Simples Nacional

For example, pay in a single monthly payment all the taxes they are responsible for. Including the IRPJ, whose rate varies from therefore, many companies opt for this type of special taxation. However, not everyone CY Lists is eligible to participate. It is necessary to comply with certain rules, such as, for example, having a turnover equal to or less than BRL 4.8 million per year. In addition to being an activity that is on the permitted list. Some are prohibited from participating in simples nacional, such as financial institutions, for example.

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