You should track in a real estate agency

This content was written by InGaia. A company that offers complete real estate management platforms. Having a broad knowledge of a company’s processes and details is essential for success. Especially when it is inserted in a segment as competitive and potentially lucrative as the real estate market. With that in mind, we have separated 8 KPIs for sales that you should follow in your business. This is the English acronym for Key Performance Indicator. Which means, in a free translation, something like key performance indicators.

It is a set of indicators

Which serve as tools to increase sales and measure the functioning of the organization. Keep reading and check out what these KPIs are! 1. Fundraising Fundraising is one of the most important steps for any real estate company, as it is essential to have a wide variety of properties to satisfy your client portfolio. Therefore, it is Estonia WhatsApp Number List very smart and highly recommended to create a metric in this sense. It is possible to do this, for example, measuring the amount of funding and/or their value, evaluating the performance of the team or of individual brokers.


The number of units raised

Can be measured for a period that is consistent. The movement of your business, such as a week, fortnight, month, two months, etc. Conversion rate The conversion rate is a metric used in CY Lists several sectors. Because any business needs to generate profit, It considers the client’s path to the completion of the transaction, since, when someone enters the real estate agency, a process and a relationship begins that must end successfully. The number of individuals who were transformed into buyers or lessors, generating capital for the company. Compared to the total number of people who initiated contact with your real estate agency.

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