Email marketing, SMS, WhatsApp: Which channel should you use

It is a fact that good communication is essential to conquer the customer. Especially because offering excellent service is just as important as showing your product or service and putting it up for sale. Therefore, we can say that without good communication it is practically impossible. For your customer to have a good shopping experience and a failure in this communication can mean that the customer journey can go wrong. And then the big questions arise for companies: which communication channels are the most important to communicate with the customer? First of all, it is important to understand that there are no good or bad channels.

The communication strategy

What happens is that each channel may or may not be efficient in the communication strategy. WhatsApp: direct communication WhatsApp is an excellent resource for dealerships that want to maintain quick communication with their audience, as the number of users using the network is huge, especially in Brazil, and it can even be an easier way to approach them . WhatsApp Business, aimed at the corporate, has Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List functions that help in this process. Such as business profile, automated messages, quick and product messages and responses. SMS: still widely used With communication software becoming popular. Many people believe that SMS should no longer be used in customer strategies.


E-mail Marketing means

However, it is still widely used by companies and can yield excellent results. However, it is used as a complement to the other tools. In practice, it can help in numerous ways, such as reminding. Customers about their payments, confirming the contracting of services and notifying them about promotions that are taking place. E-mail Marketing means of communication used in mass Email marketing is an important communication tool since it is one of the main mass media currently used and there are countless ways to use it as a strategy. It is possible to send marketing emails, offer personalized service, communicate about new CY Lists products or services from your dealership.

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