Recommends Lead Force as an automotive digital marketing agency

To guarantee the result of its brand’s dealerships, ABRADIF (Brazilian Association of Ford Dealers) indicates Lead Force as a partner automotive digital marketing agency. The association inaugurated the ABRADIF Digital Program, seeking to offer better conditions for its members to improve their services. This means that ABRADIF guarantees its associates that Lead Force’s products, such as website templates. Advertisements and content, comply with the norms of the Ford automaker. This partnership serves to offer peace of mind to dealers, since they can count on the security that the services will be in accordance with what the brand requires.

Why Lead Force

Know the numbers of Lead Force Lead Force is a digital marketing agency specialized in the automotive market. It is focused on market intelligence, and serves several dealerships throughout Brazil, always focused on attracting qualified leads for your business. Responsible for implementing all investment Cambodia WhatsApp Number List optimization, with more than 80 specialized professionals, with in-depth Ford knowledge and a 360º view of all your digital marketing. It is a company that develops its own solutions to guarantee results. As a result, your dealership will reduce the number of suppliers, improving your control and profitability.



Check out the solutions

That are in the ABRADIF Digital Program Lead Management : DMC (Dealer’s Marketing Center) – This tool is exclusive to Lead Force. With it, the dealership has all the necessary dashboards for tracking leads and media. The dealership website is integrated with this tool. As well as all lead sources from used car portals and media (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Waze). The result of lead sales is pulled from Syonet CRM.  Media management to generate traffic on websites and landing pages in order to capture CY Lists qualified leads.

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