What is the ideal frequency for email marketing campaigns

In any situation in life, excesses are always bad and email marketing is no different. Let’s face it, no one wants to have a message box full of content from a single brand in a single day. But after all, how often do your emails need to be triggered? How to dose the frequency to ensure that this communication practice is truly effective? But before continuing this article, let’s recap what email marketing is . This is a communication practice that directly connects companies with their public through a communication channel used by approximately 53% of the world’s population.

Ideal frequency for your campaign

First, you need to set up a timeline for your email marketing. Preferably monthly. It is necessary to define which will be the ideal audience to receive and value for varying all the segmentations so that in this way it is possible to send to different audiences throughout the week. Understand your Cameroon WhatsApp Number List competitors and your audience Tracking your competitors is an excellent way to measure how often they use emails. Therefore, it is important to subscribe to the newsletters provided by them.


Which topics they work on

In addition, you can see , so you’ll have more references when putting together your monthly schedule. But it’s important to remember not to just make the promotional emails Also send your customer important information about your brand or something related to what you are selling. Thus, you will be providing relevant content to your base. This makes your authority increase and your engagement too. Also understand who your audience is. If possible, test your base to understand CY Lists what their opening behaviors are. It’s also essential to test different times to capture the best time of day to send your emails.

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