What to do if you did everything right and still lost the sale

Whenever we dedicate our attention and energy to a certain action and do not reach the goal. It is normal for sadness, frustration, anger, etc. to arise. Mourning the loss is part of the process, but in sales, it cannot last more than a few minutes  in some cases. Seconds, as there is already another customer to attend to and life goes on, the goal needs to be met. To deal with these emotions in this situation, it is important for the sales professional to be aware that he has done everything within his control and influence zone to make the sale happen.

We are dealing with other people

However, you also need to understand that we are dealing with other people, and there will always be aspects that are beyond our control and influence. You have to practice acceptance to understand that losing is also part of the sales game! In addition to acceptance, it is necessary to practice reframing, which consists of Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List giving another meaning to the same situation. The Greek philosopher Epictetus tells us that “what disturbs men are not things, but the opinion they have about things”. What for you and the company was just a miscommunication, the customer may have interpreted it as an attempt to deceive you, a subterfuge to sell at any cost.



How does reframing work in practice

You served the customer, negotiated, did your best, but lost the sale. Because the competitor set a price for the same product that you were unable to reach. Even if you lose the sale, if you worked CY Lists well with customer service. You certainly built more relationships and added value to your brand as a company and as a sales professional. In the next opportunity, this customer will probably remember you, especially if he is not satisfied with the delivery made by the competition. Realize here that your work was not all in vain. There is a possibility that you worked today for a future sale.

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