Pillars of consultative selling

.The stages of consultative sales, in general, are used for complex sales , with greater added value, high average ticket and recurring payment sales. Next, we will discuss in detail what the pillars of consultative selling are and what they mean, evaluate. Focus on discovering the prospect’s needs To provide a consultancy, first of all it is necessary to understand what the client needs. What are the problems he faces What opportunities are you not taking advantage of? What are your main needs.


The first step is a research

On the prospect, for this it is possible to use Google, social networks (in the case of B2B, mainly, LinkedIn) and other available channels. Learn more about the company and the market. After this phase, during the conversation with the prospect. It is your role as a salesperson to seek to supply your repository of information about the lead to offer a valuable sales process. Active listening Egypt WhatsApp Number List Related to the first pillar of consultative selling. We come to the second: active listening . As we said above, identifying the customer’s needs is the first step in developing the other stages of consultative selling.


If a part of this process

Can be carried out in internet searches, another can go straight to the source: the prospect. Asking the right prospecting questions is an important step in learning. More about the prospect, what their expectations are and what demands they have. It is also important CY Lists to assess the fundamental requirements for him to close a deal. Who are the purchasing decision makers , which is indispensable for choosing a company or solution. The urgency he has to resolve the issue and more. So that you can capture all this information and still offer a good experience for the prospect.It is important that you develop active listening and know what questions to ask the lead.

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