Selling with a template is far more effective than selling in a freestyle format

Creating and mapping a sales process helps you close more deals and convert more leads into customers. On the other hand, and with great importance, it collaborates so that all potential customers have a consistent experience in the approach throughout the purchase path, strengthening the brand, the company and the sustainability of your business. José Carlos Pereira is Portuguese and passionate about business development for over 20 years. With a consolidated experience in sales and management of international projects, he has worked in several national and multinational companies.

The influence process

Here is relevant, maintaining coherence and building trust with similar cases/challenges that serve as an element of comparison or anchoring of facts. The best way to handle objections is with empathy – agreeing with them and then getting your point across. It is also recommended Ecuador WhatsApp Number List to have a script built with the standard objections (they are almost always the same). He has an MBA from ESADE in Barcelona and has already had the opportunity to be a leader and leader in countless contexts and geographies.


Very superficial approach

I recognize that this is a , as each of the levels has space for a book of hundreds of pages. Don’t be angry with me! And in the process there are also the tools and automations that can help. Understanding the distinction between a sales process and a sales methodology is important. Although CY Lists closely related, a sales process and a sales methodology are two very different things. Its main purpose today is to stimulate minds, increasing ROI and VOI, helping SMEs and business owners to grow and develop with a focus on results. He is also a lecturer in the areas of international trade and sales management.

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