Qualification and empathy/connection

I’d rather know what I don’t want (disqualify) than know what I want. This is the first connection phase ( rapport ) in sales to obtain more information about a lead , as selling is also flirting . And it can be by phone, email, webinar , inbound , etc., so that you know whether or not you are in a process capable of moving forward with the purchase decision. We must, above all, show how we will solve the problem, demonstrating the authority we have in the matter, sharing success stories and testimonies, as they are the greatest proof of gain to advance in the process (building and earning trust).

My advice is to

Step into the customer’s shoes”, to offer a more personalized experience, and make a fit. Thus increasing the probability of closing a deal. Is there a solution that is already under evaluation or has been tried. Are there other people on the team who could be involved in the buying process? Never forget the characters who buy, decide, pay, influence, use, implement and those Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List who are not on our side and sabotage the change. Presentation (demo) This is the moment when we enter, via meeting, a formal demonstration phase of our solution. And it can be difficult to get it.


Various characters involved

So that it doesn’t take so long to arrange the meeting, I suggest that the in the purchase are present, in order to speed up the process. And, if possible, with a demonstration that naturally leads to a proposal. If the previous steps are poorly performed. The probability of wasting a lot of time. CY Lists The process stops here is enormous – as I have seen happen many times with buyers. Who should not have advanced in the process to this stage, as they were disqualified. And whoever argues does not intend to say no, but to give an opportunity. So that, with more information, a no becomes a yes.

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