A sales area from scratch and managed to get through the crisis

The market instability caused by the Covid-19 crisis left many managers without ground, after all, it was a very sudden change that was not in anyone’s planning! Faced with this, it was necessary to have flexibility and a lot of market vision to find quick solutions and try to avoid the negative consequences. It was in this crisis condition that Fernando Viana, managing partner of , found himself. With few leads and a low number of sales , he decided to internalize the commercial processes and start a new moment for the company with the help of DNA de for Small . In an interview, he told us about the process and the results obtained during and after the consulting period.

A commercial consultancy.

Who is a family business based in the city of , in São Paulo. They work with the development of urban allotment projects, aligning infrastructure, green areas, accessible location and leisure for its residents. With an innovative product in the region, they currently have four subdivisions and a shopping center with Hungary WhatsApp Number List complete infrastructure for sale. With the pandemic, needed to create its own commercial area Before DNA, did not have a sales area. To prospect and approach leads , they outsourced the service to real estate agencies . However, with the pandemic and the instability of the real estate market in 2020, they saw results drop dramatically.


A commercial area requires well-established processes

The solution found was to internalize this demand and build a commercial area for the business. At that moment, of course, a lot of study was necessary, after all, building a commercial area requires well-established processes, sales professionals who understand the funnel and prospecting, approach and conversion techniques, in addition to K P Is that CY Lists bring greater understanding of the results and sales strategy. For this reason, the leaders of consumed various contents  focused on the theme. One of them was a webinar made by DNA de , with our CEO, Lucia . From then on, they consumed other courses available on our platform, until they chose to complete a training course for their team.

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