Closing Sales: Mind Trigger Techniques to Improve Results

It may sound harsh to say this, but if the sale doesn’t happen, nothing happens. Profits, profitability, bonuses, awards and everything that sellers most like to hear and receive depends on closing sales. Therefore, sales professionals who do not know closing techniques tend, after presenting their products to the prospect. Adopt two types of behavior , both of which are ineffective. Passivity relying on the prospect’s initiative to make the sale happen aggressiveness. Even before confirming the prospect’s satisfaction with the benefits. The product or service, they shoot a direct, invasive and meaningless.

Do you master the main sales closing techniques

Taking the initiative and proposing the closing of the sale requires triggers , proactivity, a positive attitude and sensitivity from the sales executive, precisely to avoid the common mistakes above. After all, it is extremely dangerous for you to leave the sale in the hands of the prospect. Triggers, when well placed, and follow-ups are necessary for a successful closing of sales. Thus, when the sales executive acts correctly at this stage of the negotiation, the prospect realizes his Iceland WhatsApp Number List confidence in the products he sells and in the company he represents. Check out in our article how you can improve your repertoire with killer closing phrases! Identifying buy signals In a negotiation, prospects naturally show some signs that they really liked and saw value in the proposal, thus revealing the desire to close a deal.


Generates in the product presentation process

These signs turn out to be a reflection of the persuasion techniques that the seller applied, as well as the implications and feeling of need that he generates in the product presentation process. These reactions usually happen when you are presenting the product or even during research. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the prospect’s words CY Lists and, with that, identify the best strategy to be adopted to propose closing the sale . At that moment, it is important for the salesperson to identify what hurts the most and where that prospect in particular bothers the most. Thus, he can use this when implementing closing triggers.

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