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Mental triggers are persuasion techniques that relate to emotions and social perceptions present in all human beings. It is worth noting that this is not manipulation. The ability to bring people to our side by just changing the way we present our arguments. Counter objections provoked by reason in the decision-making process, it is important that sales professionals know how to use mental triggers with expertise. Take the opportunity to close now because we only have two more units of this product in stock. Mental Trigger of Self-Esteem Self-esteem can be defined as “the love we have for ourselves.

Authority Mind Trigger Since childhood

Every person has a story of struggle and overcoming and the result of this is reflected in the pride that most people have of themselves. You told me that you work so much, that’s why it’s about time to have in your house what’s best on the market today, after all, you deserve it.  Be they their parents, teachers, police, doctors, etc. That is, in our subconscious, we know that an authority deserves due respect. Have you ever noticed that it is very common to see a dentist in India WhatsApp Number List toothpaste commercials, promoting the product. The manufacturer of this product is the world’s leading authority on this type of technology and this also explains why it is the best and best-selling product on the market.


Mental Triggers techniques

Mental Triggers of Social Proof When we study Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Pyramid). We learn that the third step refers to the need that human beings have to belong. closing sales mental triggers.  But not only that, if everyone in the group speaks highly of a product. I tend to believe that the product is really good. You certainly must have CY Lists heard that nowadays, the most reputable professionals in the market. In which you operate are working with this product. Mental Trigger of Reason The rationality of the human mind allows the individual to make analyzes and reach some conclusion, based on assumptions. When we appeal to rational arguments, we show empathy with the customer. As his brain is precisely looking for reasons why he should buy now.

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