Important tip for effective sales closing

When initiating a negotiation with the prospect, it is imperative that the sales professional does so with a focus on closing it and is willing to do everything within his power according to his technical and behavioral sales skills. However, we know that we are not always successful in the sales stage. In this case, we recommend that you pay attention to the following situations: Situation 1: Failure Continuation: when the prospect says something like: “I really liked your presentation, but I’ll analyze it internally and then, if necessary, we’ll talk, okay?”.

Made any kind of formal commitment

In this situation, the prospect has not made any kind of formal commitment to the salesperson. Most of the time, if a seller receives this type of response, it’s because the prospect is not interested in the proposal, so he doesn’t want to stretch the subject or show himself to be ungrateful or rude after the attention he received. Here, there Indonesia WhatsApp Number List are still some triggers that can recover this prospect, such as: Is there anything I can do to make us more efficient in evaluating the proposal? That way, the seller will get the sincerity of the lead. At this point, if the prospect does not say when, the consultant should ideally always leave a proposal presentation with a follow-up commitment for the next few days.


The opportunity to break it down

If he really doesn’t want to close or if he has any doubts or objections. The consultant will have the opportunity to break it down. After the attempt, it is up to the seller to assess. The situation and see if he did something that could have been different. Then, on a new opportunity, contact the prospect and try again. Persistence is everything. Don’t sell: in CY Lists this case, the prospect makes it clear that there is no possibility of buying and, therefore, things end up there. Situation 2: Success Advance: It is an agreement made between the prospect and the salesperson, which moves the sale towards a possible closing. We can identify a breakthrough when the conversation ends with a compromise: “Veronica, I really liked your proposal, but I have to talk to my partner.

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