Why digital marketing for B2B companies

As much as strategies vary from B2C to B2B, the goals are the same for both cases. Digital marketing strategies are responsible for: Attract customers; Promote the company’s growth; Gain market share and positioning; Make the company an authority and reference in the subject; Reveal new business opportunities. In a market where customers are companies, the public tends to be much more demanding and communicating with such a behavioral profile ends up being complicated. By this logic, what stands out from the points above is the ability to make your company an authority and reference . Imagine that, in the face of so many competitors fighting for the same and complex audience, your company is always at the top of a Google search with highly relevant content.

The customer to consider another company

There is no reason for the customer to consider another company other than yours . This kind of status is something that any company with market ambition wants to achieve, and anyone is capable of achieving this goal using digital marketing strategies in the right way . So here are some tips. Target audience and personas This is Iran WhatsApp Number List the starting point of the digital marketing strategy for B2B companies. As mentioned earlier, the idea is to speak to the right audience, in the right way, at the right time. Therefore, you need to know who your company would like to talk to , that is, your ideal audience. To properly define this issue, it is necessary to develop a target audience. He mainly uses Google as a search engine to clarify doubts.


Make it a little more specific

After defining the target audience, you need to make it a little more specific, thus creating a personal. The persona, in turn, is a fictional person based on real customers and developed from the characteristics of the target audience . The idea here is to make your target audience more and more tangible and thus create a strategy CY Lists based on that persona. In general, the characteristics of a persona are: Name; Personal characteristics; Profession; Interests and hobbies; Lifestyle, among others. Example persona: João, 34 years old, CFO of a large retailer. He lives in Jardim Europa, in São Paulo. With a degree in finance, he is always aware of market news and keeps up-to-date on matters related to the business in which he operates.

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