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Outofthebox data and create reports that will really help to move your business forward. Here is how to confirm that GA4 is tracking video views Go to the Admin section by clicking the gear in the bottom left In the Property column click on Data Streams Click on the Data Stream for your website screenshot of where to find data stream in GA4 In the Enhanc Measurement section the blue toggle switch should be turn on. Click the gear on the right. Now youre looking at all of the Enhanc Measurement settings. Confirm that the blue

Toggle switch

Next to Video engagement is turn on. If you made any changes click Save screenshot of the blue toggle in GA4 ProTip While youre in here make sure that everything is turn on. This is where you tell GA4 that you want to track scrolling exit clicks site searches file b2b leads downloads etc. Very very useful! Notice that with GA4 its no longer necessary to have to create events using Google Tag Manager. That little switch is all you ne to track videos on your website. If it isnt turn on you arent tracking your videos. There are three videorelat

Events video_

Start (trigger when the visitor clicks play on a video) video_progress (trigger when video progresses past the  and  durations) video_complete (trigger when the video ends) To read more about video event tracking the triggers and parameters heres  CY Lists Googles documentation for GA4 Enhanc event measurementOpens a new window. But you dont really ne to know all the technical details to do basic YouTube video tracking. Jeff Sauer Data Driven UniversityOpens a new window Once this tracking is in

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