What results was Basesul able to achieve after consulting

After six months of consulting, the results were already clear, both in number and in relation to the behavior of the employees themselves. With a more organized commercial team, well-defined internal processes and sales professionals with complete mastery of sales persuasion techniques, it was possible to obtain impressive results. With these changes, had three consecutive months of good numbers in negotiations and closings, directly impacting the achievement of goals and business growth. In addition, the company managed to have a better vision of strategic planning by adopting assertive metrics and indicators for the real estate niche.


How to use the data obtained

By knowing exactly how to use the data obtained, it was possible to make decisions in a logical way, avoiding “guesses” and “trial and error”. Get to know the DNA of Sales for Small and impact your results DNA de for Small is proud to present its clients and successful cases , after all, nothing transmits more security than a consultancy that, in fact, delivers results. Just like , many managers and leaders want to make the company work, but they do not master all the necessary Latvia WhatsApp Number List techniques or are not very familiar with the particularities of their own niche. In this sense, the sales consultancy acts not only as a driver, but as a “school”, since the objective is to identify and resolve gaps so that the entire team learns together.



Everything they have learned

Thus, leaders have the autonomy to replicate, in the following months, everything they have learned. If you also know that your team can achieve more results, but you don’t understand how or which paths to take to achieve this, talk to one of our consultants and invest in the growth of your business! To the next! Discover Sales DNA We are CY Lists DNA de , the most complete sales consultancy focused on increasing sales productivity in Brazil. With experience in more than 40 market segments, the company has contributed to the increase in sales of the largest organizations in the country, by aligning the methodology of the 4 Pillars of Sales Productivity : Processes, Management, Technology and People.

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