You must be a coder to run a blog

 Who wouldn’t want to share your post on their social media channel if they are mentioned in it. Here are two examples: Do you want to know 11 tips for blogging and time management? 11 amazing bloggers shared their tips TOP 10 posts about the GDPR data protection regulation 18. Do not agree to narrow down the topic of the blog, because it limits creativity When you write about everything possible between earth and sky, it’s easy to be creative. But the reader doesn’t have as much fun.  topic, you somehow look forward to reading more about it. But if nothing else has been written on the subject, it’s quite a disappointment.

When you find a great post on one

Blogs dealing with all the world’s topics are usually entertaining to read, but in the long run it does not make special data sense, especially if the goal is to earn income. If you write a blog of all kinds and you think you get enough income from it, declare yourself and I’ll admit that I’m wrong. 19. I don’t want to pay for anything UNTIL my blog makes money If you were to set up a brick-and-mortar store, you would hardly want to throw products for sale here and there on the shop floor. You want to buy shelves, shelves, price tags and a cash register. Building a blog without money is exactly the same thing.  of thousands of euros, as long as you don’t try to start with a zero budget.

You don't have to have a budget

 I know what you’re thinking: ” Blogging is just a hobby and I don’t aim to make money from it, so why would I spend money on it .” Okay, good point. Show me a runner who runs without clothes or shoes. Bring me a golfer who hits the ball without a club. Bring me a trainer who just raises his hands in the air in the living room and is satisfied with the end result. You don’t have to earn income blogging. But spending money on your hobby is just smart. Investing money in a blog and in your own development causes one thing. It makes you act. It makes you think about what is really worth doing and what is really worth spending time on. And, if you want  CY Lists to get income, you will start getting it after you first invest in your blog. Your task after that is to use that money to develop the blog and yourself.

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