The more potential readers there are

 You have no right to bully anyone. You have no right to copy anyone’s texts. You have no right to bully anyone and you have no right to mislead readers, even if you are the best blogger in the world. You are a role model and you have a great responsibility on your shoulders. People look up to you. They appreciate and respect you. But if you treat people (readers or other bloggers) badly, you will fall from the clouds very quickly. It’s pointless to cry and apologize after the damage has already been done ( example Paul Logan ) . and post. 15. Good content does not need search engine optimization You need good content! Good content must be brought to the attention of all people. Good content deserves to be read.

Always think twice before you write

Search engine optimization makes good content even better. Google wants to offer its latest database customers, i.e. information seekers, the best possible content. By writing good content AND optimizing it, you help the reader, Google, and yourself. 16. Content is King / Queen Content markets itself. No marketing. If you have the best and safest car in the world but you keep the car in the garage, how does the car keep you safe? You should spend 20% of your time producing content, i.e. writing. 80% for marketing. Without marketing, even writing good content is pointless. Like it or not, as a blogger you need to know how to market yourself and your content. You can try to rely on the power of the bus radio, but don’t get tired of waiting. 17. that readers don’t go elsewhere I have noticed that not many bloggers recommend other bloggers’ content.

I don't tell about other bloggers so

 Or if they recommend, they are usually bloggers who are already successful top bloggers. I assume there are two reasons: by recommending already popular bloggers, the recommender hopes to gain more visibility when you don’t recommend other bloggers, there is no fear that your readers will switch to reading other bloggers’ content But… if no one recommends others, then none of the bloggers will get recommendations from others… So everyone has to do the same job and attract readers here and there, which creates the impression of an oversupply of blogs and a lack of readers… It is smarter  CY Lists and faster to recommend other bloggers to your own readers by writing, for example, summary posts.

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