The good news is definitely that you don’t need

I myself have not paid for the construction of the blog to an outsider. The new look released in the summer of 2018 is the work of a professional. At the same time, we renewed the website’s online store and built a course platform. I was happy to pay to have someone do the work for me. The amount I spent pays for itself many times over in time saved. You can very well start blogging with a hundred or two and little by little invest little by little when the blog starts generating money. 13. Blogging is easy and you don’t need to study it , I’ve only recently come across this.

This myth is fairly new

Many people think that blogging is just about writing and sharing your writings new data on social media. But unfortunately, it’s still not enough. Below is a summary of what I do BEFORE you see my posts on Facebook: I decide the topic of the post (time use 5 – 45 min) I am looking for background information, statistics and studies for the post (time use 15 – 35 min) I outline the post with a pen in a notebook (time use 5 – 10 min) I am writing a post (use of time 2 – 4 hours) I edited it (time use 25 – 35 min) I find the images, crop or edit them and add them to the post (time consumption 10 – 35 min) I will add the links (time use approx. 5 min) I read the post aloud in the preview and correct any typos (time consumption 10 – 25 min) I schedule the post (less than 5 min) I take pictures of the post on social media and schedule them (time use 25 – 45 min)  during the week on Facebook (time use 15 – 35 min) But when I started blogging, I thought that points 4, 6, 7 and 11 were enough.

I share the post several times

When I didn’t get the results I wanted, I had no choice but to start looking for more information about blogging. You had to study independently, spend money on different courses and trainers and do a lot of background work so that you started to see results. But even Usain Bolt won’t win races unless he trains, studies starting technique, running technique and tests different ways of running. Or do you think Usain has been the perfect runner since birth…? Read more: Feedback from those who  CY Lists participated in the training 14. You can write about anything between the earth and the sky – that’s your right as a blogger Well, it isn’t. You have no right to speak ill of anyone.

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