As you know there are still no blog millionaires

In fact, a large part of SEO is managed just by writing good and high-quality content. Search engine optimization seems confusing because it has been made difficult over the years. But the more you learn and optimize your posts, the easier it gets. to code or modify the HTML code base for your posts to be optimized. Using the writing method I teach in the Blogger to Professional™ online training, you can optimize your blog posts almost without noticing. 10. Blogging is an easy way to make millions in Finland. They do exist in Sweden. And in the United States.  blogging millionaire in Finland? I can’t answer that. In theory yes, but in practice

Is it possible to become a

It all depends on how the blogger new database products his blog, what the topic of the blog is and how many targeted readers the blogger has. Finland’s population is over five million, twice as many in Sweden. , the greater the chance of making them millions. Logical. It took me 7 years to break the million euro mark. Yes, you can get that million, but you can’t do it in a couple of months. 11. No need. Although I myself started making websites ten years ago by borrowing a coding book from the library and making simple websites, you really don’t have to start the same way. Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger and which to start a blog. All you have to do is customize the look. It works conveniently with different themes and add-ons, i.e. plugins or widgets.

Tumblr are ready-made bases on

 At its simplest, you are looking for a plugin in WordPress… 19 blog myths you should no longer believe in 2018 …you install it on wordpress… 19 blog myths you should no longer believe in 2018 …you turn it on…. 19 blog myths you should no longer believe in 2018 …and you modify the settings to suit. 19 blog myths you should no longer believe in 2018 12. You have to invest thousands of euros in blogging It’s funny how myths always find two extremes. Either you have to be able  CY Lists to do blogging for no money OR you have to spend a massive amount of money on it. Well, if you want a graphic designer or coder to build you a blog, you can expect a bill of a couple of thousand euros.

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